Mechanical cash drawer - 35 S

Mechanical cash drawer from the company Mogler-Kassen GmbH

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Mechanical cash drawer - 35 S

Cash drawers with safety alarm closure

Mogler cash drawers with security alarm closure are purely mechanical cash drawers. These have an alarm closure that is reminiscent of the principle of the Swiss numbered account. There are 4 buttons under the opening handle. To open the cash drawer, the correct key combination must be pressed and at the same time the drawer must be pulled out of the housing by the handle. In case of unauthorised opening, an alarm signal sounds immediately. This is triggered by a mechanical bell. Advantage: no failure due to power/battery failure.

Mogler cash drawers with safety alarm lock thus offer 3-fold security through:

Codable key lock
Mechanically generated alarm signal
Cylinder lock
Suitable areas of application are cashier workstations without a cash register system or power supply that are not continuously manned and are not monitored.

Mogler is certified by the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft that the requirements of the accident prevention regulations for gambling halls, casinos and casino machine rooms are fully met.

Features Mechanical cash drawer - 35 S

Technical data:
Width: 350 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 110 mm

Standard equipment:
6 or 8 coin trays
4 standing banknotes

weighable individual coin trays
max. 6 upright banknotes

Coin insert:
ME 315-8/6 (coin insert with 8/6
optional INKiESS MiNi 315

Banknote compartments:
BE 187-4 (banknote insert with 4 slanted compartments, can be extended to 6 compartments if required)

Cash drawers:
TK 325
Suitable for all cash drawers with a width of: 350 (347), 540 (580) and 550 (590) mm
Suitable for coin tray ME 315 and Mini 315
4 flat compartments for banknotes